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May 3, 2020

Satanism or the Patriarchy? Is there really a difference?

Not according to the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina!

Stephanie and I revisit the first episode of the Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa Netflix original series and dive into hairstyles, familiars, scarecrows and spiders. Cue up the first episode and watch along with us!

Thanks for listening!

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Theme music by Aaron Soch of Pluvonics.

Apr 4, 2020

Time for a check-in. How is everyone doing?

My work is steady, busy and somewhat stressful, but I'm grateful to have it. Have a listen to where I am at the end of Week 3 of #stayhome 

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Listen to my other shows The Village Podcast by The Bookshelf or every third week, give or take, on End Credits Radio.

Theme music by Aaron Soch of Pluvonics.

Alright by Supergrass from the Clueless Soundtrack. Buy it on  iTunes or Google Play Music

Mar 22, 2020

Welcome to the experiment! Results were positive.

I grabbed a couple of friends, Brandy and Steph, to watch a movie together and chat through. 

In these times of spending way more time home alone than usual, it's nice to sit with friends and laugh over an old favourite movie.

Cue up Amy Herckerling's Clueless and watch along with us!

Thanks for listening!

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Listen to my other shows The Village Podcast by The Bookshelf or every third week, give or take, on End Credits Radio.

Theme music by Aaron Soch of Pluvonics.

Alright by Supergrass from the Clueless Soundtrack. Buy it on  iTunes or Google Play Music


Mar 22, 2020


Passing the time and testing a new microphone set up... I'm not sold on the experience, or the result, but it's not the worst, like my morning nut butter problem is.

Thanks for listening!

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Listen to my other shows The Village Podcast by The Bookshelf or every third week, give or take, on End Credits Radio.

Theme music by Aaron Soch of Pluvonics.

Dec 3, 2019

It's Canadian National Day of Podcasting! At least it was yesterday.

To celebrate, I've made a clip show.

These are the 6 Canadian podcasts I support through Patreon.

Guelph Politicast hosted by Adam A Donaldson

Faculty of Horror, hosted by Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West

The Nighttime Podcast, hosted by Jordan Bonaparte

Metis in Space, hosted by Molly Swain and Chelsea Vowel

I Hate It But I Love It, hosted by Kat Angus and Jocelyn Geddie

Nightmare On Film Street, hosted by Kimberley Elizabeth and Jonathan Dehaan

Thanks for listening!

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Listen to my other shows The Village Podcast by The Bookshelf or every third week, give or take, on End Credits Radio.

Jul 6, 2019
I’m not at MMPR 2019 today, but I recorded my annual episode anyway! What’s up with Candice? Job in politics, recording The Village Podcast by the Bookshelf, co-hosting End Credits Radio Show on CFRU FM, and listening to hundreds of podcasts!
Jul 17, 2018

It's that time of the year again - the time of the year I get shamed into recording an episode, live in front of an audience.

If you don't follow me on social media - you get no update on what I've been up to for the last year or so. Just figure it out - @cinn48

I do, however, gush about some of my newest podcast obsessions. Tune in and follow them yourself:

Faculty of Horror

Cocaine and Rhinestones

Your Favorite Band Sucks

Hit Parade


Outro music - my new favourite music obsession The Suffrajettes covering Britney Spears Toxic. Spend a couple bucks and buy a copy here.

And that's 2018! Maybe I'll record again at MMPR 2019.



Feb 26, 2017

Here's the outcome of our interactive session today at Podcamp 2017 - Voice Tips for Beginner Podcasters.

Dec 1, 2015

Welcome back! It's December 1st, Canadian National Day of Podcasting, because we've always got to have our own day. 

On this day Canadian podcasters, even those who have podfaded, release a new episode just for kicks. And some just because today is their regular release day, or something like that.

If you want to hear more Canadian podcasts who have celebrated today, there is a growing list of episodes here at And follow #CDNOP around places which use hashtags.

And if you want to hear more of me around the interwebs, check out Canned Con Cast and The Village Podcast from The Bookshelf. Also, I didn't mention it in the episode, but be sure to also listen to my guest hosting job on The Illuminati Social Club from a couple of weeks ago.

Interested in listening to a podcast that does not have my voice on it? Then you should check out A Guy, A Girl and a Book, by Charlie and Maggie De Long.

Once that business is done, I get on to the crying. I've learned some incredible lessons about grief thanks to Tim Boulton, a grief counsellor with Walking With You. I believe you could learn from him too.

Thanks to Aaron Soch for writing my theme song. You can check out his podcast Wikazaru and send him some love.

Follow me on the Twitters, and check my blog for more intriguing stuff, like me live tweeting baking bread.

Oct 25, 2015

Hello Friends! I'm back and I'm sorry I've made you wait so long.

A quick recap of life happens - believe me, it's boring and sounds like the same thing.

More interestingly I share which books I bought today at the Giant Used Book Sale put on by the Friends of the Guelph Public Library.

Did you miss this?

Jul 28, 2015

This past weekend was the Marshall McLuhan Podcaster Roundtables. People drove, flew, ferried from all across North America and came together in Hamilton Ontario to hang out. And hang out we did. Much food, drink and talk was found in Hamilton this weekend, and more importantly, much friendship.

On Saturday afternoon, upstairs at the Aout 'n About we set up and took turns recording our shows in front of the group. This is my story.

Theme music (added in post) by Aaron Soch.

Follow me on Twitter at cinn48 or hang out with me at the blog at

Jul 13, 2015

Rejoice! I tried using my new Blue Yeti microphone to record this one, which means that it took me two days after recording to learn some Audacity settings to use. And I'm definitely not sure I know what I'm doing with it yet.

You've got mouth noises galore, lots of high end ssssss sounds and two day old thoughts.

I might end up going back to BossJock for the quick record and release.

A few links to go along with my words:

Android App built by Charlie DeLong to listen to 100% Candice

Collection of every podcast hosted by Anthony Marco

Marshall McLuhan Podcaster Roundtables second annual event is in Hamilton July 24-26

Is there someone in your life who has influenced you somehow? Why don't you send them a note and let them know!

Jun 23, 2015

I'm sorry guys, I'm a downer this episode.

I'm still moving forward, despite some setbacks. 

Virtual hugs can be sent to @cinn48

(Audio is a bit wonky because my headphone mic kept hitting my shirt button)

Thanks, as usual, to Aaron Soch for my theme music.

Jun 3, 2015

Candice has a bee in her bonnet (honestly, where did that term come fron) about audio quality and Gimlet Media. Link to original blog post from months ago -

And sorry about my own audio, I was recording from my backyard. Actually, I take my apology back because it's beautiful out there. Any excuse is a good excuse to be out there.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know by tweeting me @cinn48, or my commenting on the blog post over at

May 18, 2015

Sorry about my incoherence here. I'll blame it on hunger. Shortly after recording I had some pancakes for dinner.


My podcast recommendation this week is Pod on Pod, which might be the best idea or the worst idea, depending on how many podcasts you want to listen to. Pod on Pod reviews podcasts, and is a big part of the reason my podcast listening list has grown to 154 subscriptions.


For the next 15 minutes I talk a bit about the many ways I've entertained myself this weekend, including The Fun Home, Mad Max Fury Road and Pitch Perfect.


Check out my blog for a picture of me and a very big vehicle.


Follow my smiles on Clammr or Tweet me your comments about how much I haven't entertained you @cinn48.

May 8, 2015

Welcome back! Did you miss me?

I'm introducing a new segment - podcast recommendations. This week you should listen to The Allusionist.

What have I been up to lately? Well let me tell you, I've been busy.

Also I've discoverd a new fun app called Clammr.

If you did miss me, you should also check out my blog,, where I also post about my adventures.

Tweet me hello @cinn48


Apr 13, 2015

The first show in weeks! Gotta kick myself into gear, can't wait for inspiration or motivation.

I share some thoughts on teh tools I'm using to recover from my sadness, including CBT and Mindfulness.

Like my new theme music? It's written and produced by my pal Aaron Soch. Let me know your thoughts on it.

Tweet me @cinn48 or comment on the blog post at

Mar 25, 2015

Thank god for the tobacco industry!

A brief description of my random Tuesday night in Guelph, reaping the benefits of being part of the food and beverage industry and decades of smokers.

It was a boozy, loud and tasty night!

Mar 17, 2015

So, today I learned that if your iPhone rings while recording with BossJock your recording will stop. So I guess what I really learned is to put my phone on Airplane Mode while recording.

And then later today I learned how to stitch two audio files together using Audacity. Now I have a super long episode.

Too much learning today!

In Episode 005 I present to you my thoughts on musicians in Canada and how they make their living. 

Leave me your thoughts at or tweet me @cinn48. Send me some suggestions of great indie musicians to listen to and go see live.

Mar 12, 2015

Welcome to my solo book club where I talk about the book "MWF Seeking BFF" and how different genders relate to each other as friends.

If you want to tell me about your friendships and whether you think men and women can be friends you can leave a comment on the blog, or tweet me @cinn48.

Mar 5, 2015

In this episode of 100% Candice I talk about my complicated feelings around having children. 


I'm sorry if I alienate my male listeners with a bit of talk about the female reproductive system and a gross generalization about how men decide to have children. 


And, celebration, I made it through a full recording without crying once! That's a win. 


From now on, if you want to subscribe to my show just type into your podcatcher of choice and let technology do it's magic.


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Mar 1, 2015

What is 100% Candice and where did it come from?

It's my party and I can cry if I want to, and you can cry too at my site,, or with me on Twitter @cinn48.


Feb 26, 2015

Welcome to the first episode of what was a previously untitled podcast, until I titled it after recording.

100% Candice is all about me and my attempt to get back to who I was before my recent breakup.

Follow my journey on my website and on Twitter @cinn48